Last Stop

This is my last stop. I’ve lived a long life, and everyone is out for my blood. Being a vampire for over a thousand years can take a toll on any individual. No one else is like me and only the fanatics can recognize my face. I’m, unfortunately, surrounded by them. I’ve ran and hid […]

Experience Earth

The flames popped and cracked as the wood was consumed, the smell of burning rubber from flaming tires ascend past the fallen skyline. The natural fall of rubble and destruction cover the bodies that once ran from such chaos. The once brilliant sunshine the world once knew was over, blackened skies of smoke and smog […]

The Mountain

“No human being can remember their life from start to finish perfectly. Ages are mixed up, events that happened are jumbled, out of order, like a puzzle. All the pieces are there, but none of them are in the right order. Don’t lose any of them. Or yourself.” A quote by the forgotten Part 1 […]

Monster Under the Bed

            “Moooom!” The child called out to her mother with her squeaky four-year-old voice, “There’s a monster under my bed!”. Her room was dimly lit by green glowing stars on her ceiling and a pink teddy bear adorned night light to her right. The flower-decorated door opened with a slow creek as the mother softly […]